Real Scientific Application to Guide Real I/O Solutions

The IO-SEA project aims to provide novel data-management solutions for exascale computing. It is important these solutions match the needs of the scientific applications which consume resources at HPC centers around the world. Work Package 1 includes five scientific use case applications with data-management challenges to guide the design of the IO-SEA solution features.

These are:

  • The RAMSES Astrophysics code, which is used at CEA to model astrophysical phenomena such as solar magnetism and flares.
  • The data-flow and processing of electron microscope imagery between the CEITEC electron-microscopy facility and the IT4I computing center.
  • The weather forecasting workflow, from observations to  the European Center for Medium-range Weather Forecasting ECMWF, and back out to consumers of ECMWF’s forecast products.
  • The Terrestrial Systems Multiple-Physics (TSMP) application, used at JSC and around the world, which couples weather, land, and water-flow models to simulate the full terrestrial water cycle.
  • The Lattice Quantum-chromodynamics (LQCD) simulation of quantum quark and gluon fields to calculate composite particle properties using the CHROMA application.
What is the role of these use cases? Initially the various use case personnel identify solution features that could alleviate their data challenges and how these features might fit into their workflow.

Analysis of the flow of data through the steps of use-case application workflows will identify different patterns. These patterns will suggest tags and hints for the data sets, which will in turn help optimize data handling.
Finally, when these solution features are implemented on prototype hardware, before-and-after comparisons of use case application performance benchmarks should highlight the benefit of the technology developed in the project.

The hope is that the diversity of the use cases in Work Package 1 will help IO-SEA develop solutions applicable to a wide variety of real world applications.

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